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End of Watch: November 2013

Even one loss is too many

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Heroes Behind The Badge - Sacrifice & Survival

Don't miss this exclusive sneak preview of the trailer!

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Leaving Law Enforcement Weapons & Equipment in Vehicles

Complacency can kill—take steps to conceal and secure gear left in your vehicle.




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Undercover Officer Goes Amish

Pennsylvania officer works to catch a predator.
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Today’s Tip from Lexipol

Contraband in the Jail
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Wisconsin K9 Hero Retires

K9 ‘Grendel’ leaves the force.
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Injured Wisconsin Trooper Hopes to Get Back to Work

Trooper lost part of his leg in crash.
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The New Wave

Innovative weapons & accessories are making officers safer & providing new options for training
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Funeral for NYPD Officer Killed in Fire

Thousands honor Officer Dennis Guerra.
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Hot @ Shot March 2014

Once again, SHOT Show delivers the goods
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IdleRight 2 - Statistics Check

Determine the amount of idle hours your vehicle has saved.
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Havis Implements New Automated Bagger

Havis has implemented another innovative piece of manufacturing technology.
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A Cut Above for In-Car Video

High-definition video, 360-degree coverage around your vehicle
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Exterior Carriers

Many officers have found that exterior carriers offer a more comfortable, flexible alternative to un.. More >

Admin + Leadership

The Importance of Law Enforcement Customer Service

On a recent call, Bullethead took a serious injury from one of the department’s K-9s. His subseque.. More >


New Smartphone App Interprets Gang Graffiti

Gang graffiti is much more than just vandalism; it can provide hints as to what gangs are operating .. More >


Additional Guidelines for the Use of Lethal Force

Building on his March 2014 column, R.K. Miller provides additional consideration for LEOs when using.. More >

Tactics and Weapons

Latest Advancements in Weapons Technology

Kevin Davis looks at several new weapons, accessories and training tools that reflect how weapons te.. More >

Inside Law Officer

Going Mobile

Departments are pressing the boundaries of what’s possible with mobile data systems.
More >

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