Arrest warrant issued for ex-boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, central figure in her death

Jamarcus Glover is wanted after he failed to appear in court on a case related to a prior narcotic trafficking charge

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – An arrest warrant was issued Wednesday for Jamarcus Glover after he failed to appear in court. Glover was the ex-boyfriend of Breonna Taylor and a central figure in her death.

Glover was the primary focus of the narcotic investigation that ultimately led Taylor’s death, the serious wounding of Louisville Metro Police Sgt. John Mattingly, and the shattering of several law enforcement careers.

As part of LMPD’s search warrant affidavit from March 2020, investigators had probable cause to believe Taylor was receiving packages of narcotics on behalf of Glover.

Although purportedly not romantically involved any longer, the investigation uncovered a myriad of real-time links between Taylor and Glover, some of them clearly supporting the probable cause outlined in the affidavit.

However, it was Taylor’s new boyfriend Kenneth Walker who decided to open fire on police after they gave lawful knock and notice prior to entering the apartment.

If you’d like to learn more about the case, which was butchered by the mainstream media, read Sgt. Mattingly’s book, “12 Seconds in the Dark.”

Meanwhile, Glover was arrested Saturday for … you guessed it … “several drug trafficking charges” after police executed a search warrant at a residence in the Taylor Berry neighborhood of Louisville. After posting $20,000 bond, he was released from custody, WAVE reported.

Glover was given a $100,000 bond Tuesday for reportedly breaking terms of his probation that had been set in connection to a conviction from a prior narcotic trafficking case.

Hence, he would have had to post the $100,000 bond Wednesday morning at his arraignment, but was apparently a “no show.”

Consequently, the Commonwealth has scheduled a hearing to forfeit the previous $20,000 bond that Glover posted Sunday morning.

In response to Glover’s arrest warrant, Mattingly, now retired, said on social media, “I never would have guessed it.”

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