Police get bullet resistant windshields after officer killed inside patrol unit

Officer Noah Shahnavaz died in July after rounds penetrated the windshield of his police car during a traffic stop

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ELWOOD, Ind. – A city in central Indiana that suffered the devastating loss of a police officer to deadly gunfire is doing something useful to prevent a similar lethal attack in the future.

Officer Noah Shahnavaz of the Elwood Police Department engaged in an early morning traffic stop on July 31. The 24-year-old officer was shot through the windshield of his police cruiser before he could exit the vehicle. He died after being rushed to an Indianapolis hospital, Law Officer reported.

Shahnavaz just began his career as a police officer. He graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in April after serving five years in the Army.

In response to the deadly shooting, an initiative led by Chief Jason Brizendine has passed scrutiny, and the city of Elwood is investing in bullet-resistant windshields for its 19 patrol units, according to FOX 5 Vegas.

On Monday evening, the Elwood Board of Public Works and Public Safety voted unanimously to spend $35,000 to purchase the new windshields.

Elwood Clerk-Treasurer Alison Roby said the ballistic windshield is rated for rifles rounds.

“They can actually shoot out if there is shooting,” she said. “It at least gives them enough time to react.”

Carl Roy Webb Boards II, 42, is accused of murdering Officer Noah Shahnavaz. (Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office)

Carl Roy Webb Boards II, 42, is charged with Shahnavaz’s murder, among other offenses.

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings is soon expected to announce whether he will seek the death penalty in the case.

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