Toledo Police Lost A Super Hero: Officer Kevin Dumas

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The Toledo Police Department is mourning the loss of Officer Kevin Dumas, 48 years old.

Dumas, a martial artist Black Belt and avid trainer, was one of the officers who would dress up as a superhero and rappel down the Russel J. Ebeid Children’s Hospital building while waving at patients. Those close to Officer Dumas calling him a real-life superhero.

“I guess I kind of describe him as a true hero,” said friend Doris Piercefield.

Officer Kevin Dumas served as a member of TPD’s Swat Team and was an instructor for TPD’s Police Academy.

Once a year Dumas would take on the role of Batman.

“I was just so excited to have an opportunity to do this costume for him because what he was using it for was just so amazing,” said Piercefield

“Anytime I’d see Kevin go down that rope, Batman… I know him,” said friend Erik Swanson. “I know who that is, that’s not Bruce Wayne. He’s doing that extra special thing for other people’s kids, just how he would with his own, how he would be with yours, or mine.”

ABC13 reports that Officer Dumas leaves behind a wife, three children, countless friends, and students who trained under his guidance.

Every Halloween season Officer Kevin Dumas would don his black Batman cap and bring smiles to children inside ProMedica’s Russell J. Ebeid Children’s Hospital.(Jack Bassett)

Toledo PD issuing a statement on Twitter recalling the officer as kind, loving, and a dedicated person.

The City of Toledo taking to social media as well offering condolences to family, friends, and fellow TPD officers.

“He was a good guy,” said Piercefield. “He was a good police officer, he was a good dad, he was just an overall good guy.”

The cause of death was not provided.


Share and speak up for justice, law & order...
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