Gunman arrested after Georgia deputy shot and killed during stop of ‘suspicious vehicle’

Croshawn Cross was taken into custody after deputies chased him into another county

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UPDATE: The Crisp County deputy who was shot and killed on Wednesday was identified as Tyee Michael Browne. Read more.

CORDELE, Ga. – A deputy with the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia was shot and killed early Wednesday morning, and a suspect was later captured, according to law enforcement authorities.

The deputy made a traffic stop of a “suspicious vehicle” about 3:40 a.m. Shortly after the detention was made, the deputy was told the suspect was wanted for “numerous” burglaries on Highway 280 West in Cordele, and that firearms were possibly in the automobile.

The perpetrator was reportedly in a stolen vehicle as the deputy approached and was shot, according to the sheriff’s office. The gunman then fled the scene in the deputy’s patrol unit.

The unnamed deputy was transported to Crisp Regional Hospital, but did not survive.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office received an alert regarding the shooting about 4 a.m. and that deputies from multiple agencies were chasing the suspect, WALB reported.

Though details were not immediately provided, the suspect was later arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office near the Bibb-Monroe County line.

The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Croshawn Cross, reported WJCL News.

Cross was booked at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. He is currently being held on preliminary charges of felony fleeing and felony obstruction of law enforcement officers. Additional charges related to the deputy’s murder are pending, according to the news outlet.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the lead agency working the homicide case.

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