Georgia man accused of murder, driving woman’s body across state lines

Bornold Eberhart is accused of killing Kristin Laymon in South Carolina before transporting her corpse to Georgia

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A man is accused of murdering a woman in South Carolina and then transporting her body to Georgia last year, authorities said.

Bornold Alastair Eberhart, 42, is facing murder charges in the death of Kristin Laymon, 53, who disappeared toward the end of September 2023, reported WSB in Atlanta.

Eberhart was arrested by Myrtle Beach Police earlier this month after investigators determined that Laymon was last seen at a resort in the Grand Strand area with the man.

According to law enforcement investigators, Eberhart and Laymon got into an argument early on Sept. 23, 2023. The next day, Eberhart drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to DeKalb County, Georgia with Laymon’s body in his car, police said.

Laymon (left) taking a picture with her daughter (right)
Kristin Laymon (left) taking a picture with her daughter (right) (Lauren Blaylock via WMBF News)

On March 3, police obtained an arrest warrant for Eberhart and he was taken into custody. On March 8, the Horry County Sheriff’s Office extradited him back to South Carolina.

On Saturday, March 9, police in DeKalb County located a body they believe to be Laymon in the 1800 block of Whitehall Forest Court. Investigators are waiting for confirmation from the medical examiner’s office, according to ABC 15 News.

Laymon previously worked at a flower shop in Tucker, Georgia, according to former co-workers. She went missing about a month after her employment was terminated, WSB reported.

North Myrtle Beach Lt. Mike Swarthout said it’s believed the two may have had an intimate relationship but were not boyfriend and girlfriend, WMBF News reported.

“Well, I can tell you I’ve been in the investigation bureau about six years now; this is the most complicated investigation I’ve ever been involved in,” Swarthout said. “There were thousands of manpower hours put into this.”

In the missing person report filed by Laymon’s daughter, the decedent was described as a “chronic substance abuser” who usually “drifts around.”

Swarthout said investigations such as this take time, especially if they start as a missing persons case. The department didn’t learn about Laymon’s disappearance until Nov. 8.

“There’s a lot of steps that have to be taken,” Swarthout said. “A lot of warrants that have to be issued search warrant wise. …Sometimes, these things just take a while to conduct. That would explain the gaps. As soon as we had enough information to get an arrest warrant for Eberhart we did.”

An autopsy on what detectives believe to be Laymon’s body is scheduled for Friday morning.

Eberhart is facing murder charges, but autopsy results will have an impact on specific counts that are filed.

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