Tag: War Stories

Stories worth re-telling from Law Officer contributors of every rank in corrections and law enforcement. Some funny, some tragic, Law Officer “war stories” offer advice and anecdotes worth knowing.

bean bag

Bean Bag Boat

The Gods must love technology! At least the ones that politicians, liability lawyers, political activists and bureaucrats pray to that is. I took my oath of office shortly after the ...


We Remember

On Memorial Day, we remember... Your courage (Pixabay) Your commitment (Flickr) Your character (jber.jb.mil) Your bravery (Flickr) Your sacrifice (Eucom.mil) Your love of country (United Stated Marine Corps) Your valor ...

bank robbery

‘Can I have some money?’

Throughout history bank robbers attained notorious reputations due to the violent nature of their crimes. Name the outlaw—Jesse James, Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger—and your mind thinks armed bandit. As ...

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