58-year-old police recruit follows his dream

Albert Robertson Is Nicknamed 'Grandpa'

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KANSAS CITY – Getting old is just a state of mind and in the case of 58 years old, Albert Robertson, becoming a Kansas City (MO) police officer is a dream that is never too late to achieve.

Robertson told KMVT, “Obviously, I’m 30 years older than the next guy closest to my age in class,” Robertson said. “I think the youngest young man in class is 20. But they all kind of call me ‘grandpa.’”

“I’m only one person, but I can do something. I can’t complain about crime if I’m not willing to do something about it,” he said.

Robertson was assisted in his decision and supported by his neighbor, a KCPD officer. Robertson was also inspired by the lasting impression police officers made in the neighborhood he grew up in.

“When I grew up, there were some officers that patrolled down our neighborhood,” he recalled. “They knew all the children down there. They knew us by name. They were our community police officers. That was an inspiration.”

When the police department found out Robertson wanted to be an officer, they welcomed him into the academy with open arms.

Although Robertson is new to the police force, he’s no stranger to protecting and serving. He served in the U.S. Army for 28 years.

Due to his age, Robertson will only be on the force for seven years before he will have to retire from the KCPD at age 65.

His academy’s graduation date is set for August 3rd.

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