South Carolina father and son charged with murder in shooting death of man over trespassing issue

Ryan Jordan Lindler Sr. and Ryan Jordan Lindler Jr. were charged in the killing of Kevin Lester Newhouse.

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LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. – A South Carolina father and son were taken into custody and charged with murder after they were accused of fatally shooting a man following an argument in Lexington County.

Ryan Jordan Lindler Sr., 51, and Ryan Jordan Lindler Jr., 26, were arrested after the victim suffered a fatal gunshot wound during a confrontation on Seleta Circle, according to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, reported WIS-TV 10

“Over the course of their investigation, which included interviews with both Lindlers and witnesses, detectives determined the elder Lindler told his son to shoot the victim,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “The shooting happened after the elder Lindler had taken a machete away from the victim, who was unarmed when he was shot and lived near the Lindlers on Seleta Circle.”

The victim was identified as Kevin Lester Newhouse by Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher.

“This all started with the Lindlers confronting Newhouse about a trespassing incident they said happened just before at another address,” Koon disclosed. “Before the three men fought, the Lindlers prevented Newhouse from going back into his house.”

On Wednesday evening, both Linders were arrested and charged with murder as well as possession of a weapon during a violent crime, according to WIS-TV 10.

The father and son were booked at the Lexington County Detention Center where they are being held without bond after it was denied by a judge on Thursday.

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