Police tell NFL star he’s going to shoot his manhood off as they discover gun in crotch of his pants

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CLEVELAND — New Orleans Saints star Marshon Lattimore was arrested last month in Cleveland when police discovered that he had a stolen gun concealed in the crotch of his pants. The vehicle he was in was pulled over because the driver committed several traffic violations, according to reports.

Lattimore and three other passengers were arrested. The NFL cornerback was booked on charges of failure to notify and receiving stolen property, which is a fourth-degree felony and carries a maximum punishment of 18 months in jail.

On Wednesday, the video of the incident was obtained by TMZ Sports.

In the video, police approached the vehicle and said that they smelled marijuana. Officers asked Lattimore if there were guns in the car, and he responded by saying that he had one in the groin area of his pants.

“You’re gonna shoot your d*** off,” an officer is heard saying to Lattimore as he removed the firearm from his pants. Another officer added, “Get yourself a holster, brother.”

Shortly after, one police officer recognized that Lattimore was an NFL player, Fox News reported.

“You play for the Saints?” he asked, which led to the officer having a talk with the player.

“The amount of stuff you got going for you, bro,” the officer then said. “It’s not like you’re a f***ing chump out there, bro.”

Police said the weapon found on Lattimore was reported stolen. His case is currently playing out in the court system.

Lattimore, who played college football at Ohio State, is one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. Last season, he had 62 total tackles with 11 passes defended and two interceptions. On a weekly basis, the Saints line Lattimore up against the opposing team’s best wide receiver.

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