Shocking video shows SUV rollover with people hanging out windows

Five people were crushed and rushed to the hospital. Marisol Wentling was booked for reckless driving.

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A shocking video was taken the instant five people were crushed when a driver performing a foolish stunt in an SUV caused the vehicle to rollover with individuals hanging out the windows of the automobile, according to reports.

The avoidable joyride crash took place Saturday evening at a a strip mall at the corner of South Circle and Monterey in southeast Colorado Springs. It was captured in a stunning video that shows the SUV doing donuts with the imprudent occupants hanging out of the vehicle.

In the video that has now saturated social media, the SUV is seen recklessly driving in reverse before it tipped and rolled over onto the passengers.The group suffered life-threatening injuries in the irresponsible stunt, KKTV reported.

Although bystanders quickly rushed to assist, the person filming the crash cautioned the group not to flip the SUV back over.

“No, there’s someone on the other side! There’s someone on the other side, don’t flip it, don’t flip it!” he said.

The Colorado Spring Police Department received 911 calls just after 10:15 p.m. Upon arrival, they located five people at the scene with life-threatening injuries. Each person was transported to a nearby hospital.

As of Monday morning, the identities of the injured persons have been released and their conditions remain unknown, the New York Post reported.

“The vehicle rolled over and onto the individuals who were hanging out the windows,” police confirmed.

The driver — identified by police as Marisol Wentling (unknown age) — was not seriously injured and was subsequently arrested and booked for reckless driving. She was later released on bond, according to KKTV.

Police said the crash remains under investigation as they seek additional witnesses to the event.

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