Washington mother-son duo serving together in law enforcement

Corporal Jamie Haske and her son, Officer Desmond Haske work for the Vancouver Police Department

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VANCOUVER, Wash. – A mother-son duo working in law enforcement in the State of Washington are helping their community while serving in different areas of the City of Vancouver, according to a report.

Corporal Jamie Haske has been with the Vancouver Police Department for 12 years. Her son Desmond Haske went on a ride-along with her when he was 16, and later became an officer in December 2021, WAVE News reported. 

Working as a police officer is a perfect fit for mother, Jamie. “I always wanted to become a police officer,” she said. “I just really like working in the community, I live in the community. I like helping people. I just enjoy the job.”

Desmond said he first became interested in becoming a police officer after seeing his mom in action.

“When I was 16, I went with my mom on a ride-along for the first time,” Desmond said. “I saw that it was unlike the previous jobs I’d seen where you do the same thing every day and it was different. It’s not always police stuff. You interact with the community so that’s what got me interested.”

Desmond has a proud set of parents. When he graduated from the police academy, his mother pinned his badge in place during the ceremony.

“My husband and I are very proud of him,” Jamie said.

Although they might occasionally cross paths at work since they work the same time frame, they are actually assigned to different sides of the city.

“It’s happened a couple of times,” Desmond said. “It does have to be a major incident where both sides of the city come together.”

Jamie added, “We worked last week in downtown together so that was really nice.”

Both mother and son are very happy to serve their community in this capacity, reported WAVE.

“I enjoy working for this department. I’m glad that he works for the department too,” Jamie noted. “I’m not too worried about him, he makes good decisions, but being a mom, you always worry about your children a little bit.”

Desmond added, “Just being able to help people, even when it’s not a police matter is nice. If you see me on the road, you can stop by and chat with me.”

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