Maui police recruit in coma after passing out during training

Alexa Jacobs reportedly had a temperature of 107 when she passed out

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HONOLULU – A recruit with the Maui Police Department is in a coma after passing out during training last week.

Alexa Jacobs, 27, is currently in a trauma center on Oahu after suffering from heat stroke on Friday. Her temperature at the time was 107 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a friend, Taryn Kelly, who made the information known on a GoFundMe page.

Maui police have not provided details on what led up to Jacobs current medical condition, other than that she was participating in the department’s academy, Hawaii News Now reported.

“Out of respect for the employee’s medical privacy, no further information is to be released,” police officials said in a statement.

Kelly provided the following details on the GoFundMe page set up to assist with Jacobs’ medical care.

Hi all…I can’t believe I am writing this for best friend, but I am asking, begging, pleading for any and all help we can get. Alexa had a heat stroke while doing her physical day in the police academy and her body temperature was 107 when they brought her in. Although they were able to cool her down, her body and organs began to shut down on her. She is currently in a coma and on dialysis and we will know within the next 24 hours if she needs a liver transplant.

As of Wednesday morning they have raised more than $21,000.

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