Child custody dispute caught on camera turns deadly

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LUBBOCK, Texas — A Texas man was shot and killed while arguing with his ex-wife regarding a child custody dispute earlier this month, according to reports.

The fatal shooting occurred on Nov. 5, and was captured on cell phone video, according to attorney Matthew L. Harris, who is representing the victim’s widow. Harris says the footage was filmed by Jennifer Read.

The Lubbock Police Department has not concluded their investigation, reported KCBD, as the news outlet sought details in the deadly encounter.

“While LPD recognizes there is public interest in this case, there are multiple facets of this on-going investigation that dictate what can and cannot be released to the public, per Texas state law,” the department said in a statement.


Read the full statement issued by the Lubbock Police Department below. It was published by KCBD on Nov. 10.

The Lubbock Police Department would like to address the concerns of the public regarding case 21-43709, which is currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Special Crimes Unit.

Lubbock Police Officers were called to the 2100 block of 90th Street on Friday, November 5th at 4:20 p.m. for reports of shots fired.

Upon arrival, officers found 54-year-old Chad Read deceased on the scene.

Through the initial course of the investigation, it appears there was a verbal altercation between Read and another male related to a domestic incident that turned physical. Shortly after, shots were fired.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is on-going.

While LPD recognizes there is public interest in this case, there are multiple facets of this on-going investigation that dictate what can and cannot be released to the public, per Texas state law.

Pursuant to Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, also known as the Public Information Act, suspect information cannot be released unless there is a direct threat to the public. As stated in the initial news release, there was no ongoing threat to the public.

Regarding the concern surrounding LPD’s report writing process, per department policy, the initial responding officer’s responsibilities dictate the officer “Complete an initial, concise Crime Report, including the basic facts of the incident and the required elements of the crime, then document detailed and evidentiary information in a Supplement Report.”

All original reports that do not require further review before releasing are accessible to the public in our online reporting system once they have gone through the department’s records process. With this particular case, the report was available online once it made it through the records process.

Supplemental reports are not and have never been available to the public, unless they are included in an arrest warrant. The reason for that policy is to protect the integrity of each and every investigation, not to withhold information from the public.

The Lubbock Police Department prides itself on its relationship with the Lubbock community and strives each and every day to be an agency of transparency, no matter who is, or is not connected to an investigation.

We ask for the public’s patience as our investigators continue to work this case, just as it would any other.

Hence, Jennifer Read, widow of Chad Read, has filed a petition seeking to take custody of Chad Read’s children from their mother, Christina Read.

Moreover, she filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against Kyle Carruth and also Vitruvian Development LLC for the her husband’s shooting death, according to KCBD.

Jennifer Read blames Carruth for escalating the conflict and using a firearm even though no physical threat to life or property existed. The lawsuit states she and Chad Read went to his ex-wife’s place of business trying to find Chad’s youngest son, Fox News reported.

Chad and Christina were having a custody argument as Chad was trying to discern where his son was located. The lawsuit claims Christina continued to violate their custodial arrangement as Carruth “interjected himself” into the dispute.

Last week Jennifer Read released cell phone video that shows the deadly encounter.

“The decision to take this step has not been easy, and she respectfully declines any requests for interviews at this time,” a press release from her attorney says. “There has been a lot of speculation in the media, and on social media, regarding the events of Nov. 5, 2021.”

Carruth’s attorney, David M. Guinn, said the shooting was self-defense, according to KAMC.

“All Texans may lawfully brandish a firearm to protect themselves, their property and their business.” Guinn said. “When Kyle did that, Chad Read advanced on him.”

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