ProBLAC group targets black officer for ‘pig roast’

A confused group of ProBLAC members used racist images to target a black officer in Omaha

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Omaha, Nebraska — Omaha Police arrested several people Saturday night after a protest—advertised as a “pig roast”—at the police officer’s union was declared unlawful. Members of the Progressive Black-Led Ally Coalition (ProBLAC) now face various charges including trespassing, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct, obstructing law enforcement, littering, and unlawful assembly according to Omaha Officer Michael Pecha.

The group of protesters spent twenty minutes screaming through megaphones. They also placed “three severed pig heads wearing costume police hats” in front of the Omaha Police Officers Association parking lot, according to Officer Pecha.

The group claimed that “We are No Justice, No Peace personified in Omaha,” and that their goal is to “create a black-led intersectional movement in Omaha,” according to their website.

Alexander G. Matthews, a ProBLAC organizer and Paul Shan are also each facing an additional charge of inciting a riot, according to OPD arrest reports.

Law Officer spoke with Tony Conner, the Omaha Police Officers Association President who said that the group of protesters was stopped by police before they reached the front door of the union building. Conner praised the responding officers as “heroes” and called the actions of the group “despicable.”

President Tony Conner Has Been Targeted By The Group

With all the talk about “community trust” these days, Conner said he wants the Omaha community—and the country—to pay attention. Clearly, the community, which includes this group of ProBLAC members, are not doing anything to help promote trust or civility.

And the idea that members of the ProBLAC group would target a “Black” officer for a “pig roast” should seem deeply concerning to everyone, beyond the obvious hypocrisy.

As union president Conner cautioned: “Pay attention to those who are denouncing this act—and those who are silent—especially since ‘silence is violence’ and agreement to this despicable act.”

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