Rick Baker

Rick Baker, has been providing evidence-based behavioral health services to first responders and responder agencies in North Carolina since 2007. He is the current Clinical Director of the Western North Carolina Peer Support Network, providing oversight of and post-critical incident services to all first responders in North Carolina’s 22 westernmost counties. Rick is one of only three clinicians the Department of the Interior and Dept of Agriculture contract with to provide post-critical care to our nation’s wildland firefighters and law enforcement. He founded Responder Support Services (RSS) in 2018, providing a broad range of clinical and non-clinical services to first responders, responder agencies, county/local governments. RSS most specialized product is placing culturally competent embedded behavioral health care in law enforcement and fire departments. Rick recently completed a one year train-the-trainer program at Emory University on Prolonged Exposure therapy, the gold standard treatment for PTSD in first responders and military veterans.