Police Officer – Entry Level; Hillsboro Police Department, OR

National Testing Network
Hillsboro Police Department is currently hiring for Police Officer – Entry Level. All testing must be completed and shared by 11:59 pm, November 14, 2021. For those who have taken a prior NTN test, please contact NTN to inquire into how to share your score with our agency. 
Candidates must also complete a department application, found at https://www.hillsboro-oregon.gov/jobs.
 Salary Information: $5,869 – $7,392
Benefit Information:  The benefits package includes family medical, dental, and vision insurance, employee life, statutory life (if sworn), accidental death and dismemberment, and long-term disability insurance, retirement (PERS/OPSRP and social security), holidays, vacation, sick leave, education reimbursement program, Bi-Lingual pay program, Voluntary Employee’s Beneficiary Association (VEBA) accounts, voluntary health promotion program, employee assistance program, credit union and deferred compensation programs. Our department also has several specialty assignments such as Detectives, Youth Services Officers, and members of countywide TNT unit, K9 Officers, Traffic unit, Motor Officers, Community Enhancement Officers, Crisis Intervention Team/Homelessness Officers, Honor Guard unit and Background Investigators.
Contact Information: 
Cindy Tucker
Police Project Coordinator
Department Overview: The Hillsboro Police Department is a growing, progressive agency of budgeted for 143 sworn officers and 55 professional staff in the heart of Oregon’s Silicon Forest. With a rapidly expanding and diverse population, the Hillsboro Police Department seeks to be an innovative leader in law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest that values justice, service, and courage.
Area Information:  Now Oregon’s fifth-largest city with over 100,000 residents, Hillsboro enjoys award-winning urban planning, an affordable cost of living, a strong economic base and one of the state’s most diverse populations. It supports the state’s fourth-largest school district, two higher-education campuses, over 1,500 acres of designated green spaces including the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve, and one of Oregon’s largest 4th of July parades as well as other key annual events: the Latino Cultural Festival in April, Celebrate Hillsboro in July, and the Oregon International Air Show in August/September. Hillsboro is also home to the Portland metro area’s only professional baseball team—the Hillsboro Hops (Go Hops!).
Population: 109,128 (2019 estimate)

Required Skill Set

Age : 21
US Citizen : Yes (within one year of employment)
High School Grad/GED : Yes
Valid OREGON State Driver’s License : Must have a valid driver license in the state of residence
Ability to Read/Speak English : Yes
Vision : Correctable to 20/20. Applicants with vision worse than 20/100 must wear soft contact lenses to meet the corrected vision requirement.
Academy Certification : Must be able to obtain DPSST basic police certification within 18 months of employment

How to Apply

City of Hillsboro application and National Testing Network Directions Step 1 – Eligible persons who are qualified and interested in applying for the positions must login and sign-up with the www.nationaltestingnetwork.com. Select Police Officer and sign up for City of Hillsboro Police Department, Remote Proctoring. NTN testing must be completed and scores released to Hillsboro Police Department by the 11:59pm, November 14, 2021.
Step 2 – Schedule and pass the written exam with the National Testing Network. Minimum passing score for NTN is: Video 65%, Writing 70% and Reading 70%. (Test must be completed prior to submitting application). National Testing Network (NTN) help desk: 866-563-3882, 8 am – 5 pm, PST. Prior NTN test scores must be shared with the department; please contact NTN on how to share prior scores (fee may be charged for sharing/transferring a prior score) or Cindy Tucker at [email protected] if you have any questions about prior NTN test scores.
Step 3 – The City of Hillsboro/Hillsboro Police Department will review the applications of those who have successfully passed NTN and supplied a completed City of Hillsboro Application which includes a resume. Applications will be evaluated based on minimum and required work experience, training, and skills presented in the employment application. https://www.hillsboro-oregon.gov/our-city/departments/human-resources/join-our-team
Step 4 – Applicants who successfully pass the application review phase will be invited to participate in the Oregon Physical Agility Test (ORPAT). If an applicant has taken ORPAT and passed within 12 months of November 14, 2021, you will not need to retest. Prior ORPAT scores may be attached to your application. Hillsboro Police Department does accept NTN ORPAT testing score.
Step 5 – Selected applicants will be invited to participate in other stages of the selection process including oral board interview, extensive background investigation, and Executive Staff interview. All applicants will be notified in writing of the final status of their application.
Step 6 – Any applicant who receives a conditional offer of employment will be subject to passing a pre-employment physical, drug screen, and psychological evaluation.
Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors :
Credibility as a Witness in a Court of Law
Ability to give testimony in a court of law without being subject to impeachment due to his/her character for honesty or veracity or due to a prior felony conviction.
  1. Conviction of two or more misdemeanor offenses under Oregon Law as an adult shall be disqualifying.
  2. Conviction of any offense classified as a misdemeanor under Oregon Law while employed as a Police Officer shall be disqualifying.
  3. Commission of any act while employed as a Police Officer involving untruthfulness, falsification of any official report or document, or theft shall be disqualifying.
  4. All male U.S. citizens and male aliens born after 1960 and residing in the United States who are 18 through 25 years of age are REQUIRED to register with the Selective Service. Failure to have registered is an automatic disqualifier.
Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Ability to possess a valid Oregon Driver’s License. Ability to drive safely. Ability to control a motor vehicle at high speeds. Ability to operate a motor vehicle in all types of weather conditions.
  1. Receipt of two or more moving violations within three years prior to application may be disqualifying depending on the nature of the violations. A moving violation for which there is a factual finding of innocence shall not be included.
  2. Involvement as a driver in two or more chargeable collisions within three years prior to the date of application shall be disqualifying.
  3. Conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs within three years prior to the application shall be disqualifying.
  4. Suspension of a driver’s license once within the past three years shall be disqualifying.
Illegal Use or Possession of Drugs
The following types of illegal drug use or possession will be considered automatic disqualification in the pre-employment selection process for police personnel, with no exceptions:
  1. Any adult use or possession of a drug classified as a hallucinogenic within five years prior to application for employment shall be disqualifying. Any other illegal drug use within the last five years shall be disqualified.
Refusing to yield to the temptation of bribes, gratuities, payoff, etc. Refusing to tolerate unethical or illegal conduct on the part of other law enforcement personnel. Showing strong moral character and integrity in dealing with the public. Being honest in dealing with the public.
Any material misstatement of fact or significant admission or omission during the application or background process shall be disqualifying.
  1. DependabilityMissing any scheduled appointment during the hiring process without prior permission shall be disqualifying.
  2. Having been disciplined by an employer as an adult for abuse of leave, gross insubordination, dereliction of duty or persistent failure to follow established policies and regulations shall be disqualified.
  3. Having been involuntarily dismissed (for reasons other than lay-off) from two or more employers as an adult shall be disqualifying.