Police Officer

Dover Police Department
Dover Police Department

DATE & TIME: Saturday, November 13th, 2021 10:00 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE:  Physical agility testing to follow written testing.

LOCATION: Roy G. Crawford Dover City Council Chambers, 121 E. 2nd St., Dover, Ohio

QUESTIONS: Please call (330) 364-5533 or email: [email protected] for complete listing and applications. Posting can also be found on City web site https://www.doverohio.com/ under Latest News.

All applicants shall file with the Civil Service Commission, a notarized application for examination no later than Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 at 4:00 P.M. Applications are available in the Mayor’s/Safety Director’s Office at Dover City Hall. A $20.00 fee for testing shall be paid at the time the employment application is filed with the Civil Service Commission. Those applicants who cannot afford to pay the $20.00 testing fee may sign a poverty affidavit and submit it along with the employment application to the Civil Service Commission.

Age: 21-35

Requirement: Applicant must possess a Certificate/Letter awarded to them by the Executive Director of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council, attesting to his or her satisfactory completion of an approved State of Ohio Basic Peace Officer Training Program (O.R.C. Section 109.772). Any other training that was mandated by legislation of the State of Ohio that is not included in the certificate shall be completed within the time prescribed by the rules promulgated by the Attorney General (O.R.C. Section 109.741). A COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE/LETTER MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE EXAM!

Military and Higher Education Credit

1. 2021 pay rate for Police Officer is $29.85 per hour. 10% less for new hire during first 6 months, 5% less during second 6 months.
2. Minimum shift manning.
3. Scheduled “long weekends” (4 consecutive days off) determined by seniority on each shift.
4. Minimum 2 hours overtime pay for emergency call-in and court appearances. 3 hours overtime pay for court appearances if working midnight shift.
5. 7 paid holidays at 1.5 times regular rate. 3 paid holidays at 2 times regular rate.
6. 2 personal days in a 12-month period
7. 2 weeks paid vacation after 1 year; 3 weeks at 6 years; 4 weeks at 13 years; 5 weeks at 18 years, 6 weeks at 23 years
8. Uniform clothing allowance $1100 for new hire, $900 thereafter per year
9. Sick leave earned at 4.6 hrs per 80 hours worked
10. Longevity pay
11. Hospitalization insurance $145 single, $290 family
12. Life insurance policy $17,000
13. Shift differential $.30 for afternoons, $.40 for midnights
14. On the job injury leave: 30 consecutive calendar days
15. Bargaining unit: Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4/Ohio Labor Council