Detentions Deputy I

Grand County Sheriff's Office
Protecting & Serving Grand County, Colorado, since 1874

Starting at $23.27 / hour. $5,000.00 Hiring Bonus! Additional $2.00 / hour shift differential for hours worked outside of business hours (7am-5pm).

Detentions Deputies work 12 hour shifts for a total of seven days in a two-week period which allows you to enjoy three days off one week and four days off the next to take part in all of the recreational opportunities that Grand County has to offer. We cover the clock 24 hours a day with 12 hour shifts and every three to six months shift assignments are changed. Time and a half overtime is paid for all hours worked over 80. All uniforms and equipment are provided. There are frequent overtime shifts available as well as opportunities to do out-of-state extraditions and in-state transports of inmates. For those interested in career advancement, Detentions Deputies have numerous opportunities including becoming an agency instructor in fields like firearms and arrest control as well as the opportunity to apply for the Patrol Division after working 12 – 24 months in the Jail and if selected, attend an in-state police academy to obtain a POST certification and work in the Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office.

View the full Detentions Deputy job description and download the Sheriff’s Office application on the Grand County Government employment website: