Brian Haughton

Brian P. Haughton is a Corporal and 21-year veteran with the Philadelphia Police Department. He spent seven years in the patrol division and eight years as an officer on the department’s full-time SWAT unit and worked as a sniper and EMT-B on the team. He is currently assigned as an instructor at the Police Academy teaching EVOC and vehicle pursuits to in-service officers and recruits, as well as other classes such as Terrorism, Hazardous Materials and Barricade/Hostage Situations. He serves on the SWAT Reserve Team, and worked several years with the department’s Major Incident Response Team, for response to CBRN operations. He holds an MS degree in Public Safety Management, with a Homeland Security concentration from Saint Joseph’s University. He also teaches Undergraduate college courses in Criminal Justice and provides instruction with Techline Technologies, Inc. in tactical medical procedures for first responders.