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Law Officer Training—with Major Travis Yates

Law Officer is proud to sponsor training seminars led by Major Travis Yates. As with all Law Officer Training, Travis’ seminars feature:

— the latest law enforcement daily news, analysis, and videos from Law Officer

— timely, focused research and analysis from Defend The Heroes
(a non-profit research group serving the law enforcement community)

— proven strategies based on Travis’ decades of award-winning training experience

— specific content and scheduling to best meet the needs of your organization

Currently Available Training Seminars

Seconds 2 Survive

This practical/tactical seminar is a favorite among many organizations. It helps law enforcement officers recognize and dispel complacency. And helps them become more aware of various “pre-incident” indicators to avoid—and survive—all kinds of threats.

Law Officer is proud to sponsor the first Seconds to Survive training session open to the public with Major Yates—and hosted by Sheriff Mark Lamb (of Live PD fame) who has invited second-guessing politicians to find out what it’s like to make split-second shooting decisions for themselves.

Courageous Leadership for Law Enforcement

This one-of-a-kind seminar is for leaders of every rank—from rookies, to supervisors, to chiefs and sheriffs. Based on the latest incidents combined with years of proven strategies and research, this seminar demonstrates what to do—and what not to do—in leading key areas of law enforcement. Topics include collaboration and teamwork, communication, policy development, media best practices and more.

This seminar also draws upon principles in Travis’ highly acclaimed book, The Courageous Police Leader, along with up-to-the minute news and research about current leadership challenges and best practices in law enforcement.

Drive to Survive

As one of America’s leading law enforcement driving experts, Travis leads a dynamic, intensive seminar that focuses on the leading causes of law enforcement deaths, injuries, and civil liability—and the driving and awareness skills necessary to avoid them.

Other seminars available upon request

Law Officer also sponsors other training seminars with Major Yates and other leading educators and experts. Contact us to learn more about specific topics and training seminars available for your organization.

About Major Travis Yates

Law Officer is proud to sponsor the training seminars that Major Travis Yates provides for law enforcement agencies around the country.

Travis is a full-time police commander—and a sought-after police trainer with 20+ years of experience training law enforcement professionals. He is an internationally recognized leader in law enforcement training—and recipient of the ILEETA International Police Trainer of the Year Award.

And as one of the most prolific writers and expert trainers in law enforcement, Travis has written hundreds of articles for various publications. And with more than 20 years of training experience, he has led training seminars in three countries and 47 states.

Positive Reinforcement: What others are saying…

Major Yates has provided training seminars for law enforcement agencies across the nation including:

  • FBI National Academy Associates
  • The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Oregon Traffic Safety Association
  • California Narcotics Officer Association
  • Wisconsin Traffic Safety Association
  • Alaska Crime Conference
  • Sikeston (MO) Police Department
  • Arizona Narcotics Officers Association
  • Lafayette (LA) Sheriff’s Department
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.
  • Florida Police Chiefs Association
  • and many others across the nation…

“This is part of the best training I have attended in over 40 years of law enforcement.”—Scott Johnson, Chief of Police, Grand Rapids (Minn.) Police Department  

“When Travis teaches a seminar, it’s not just informational, it’s transformational. His training has positively influenced my deputies, but also helped change the way my department approaches policing and engages the community.”—Sheriff Scott Walton, Rogers County (Okla.)

“Major Travis Yates is a highly motivated and riveting speaker and is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts in the nation.  His training has been invaluable to the departments in this state.”—Steve Lee, North Carolina League of Municipalities

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