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The Glock 42

Good things can come in small packages Read It >

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Compact Folder: The 904 Mini Stryker II

Everything you’d want in a compact folder Read It >

Original SWAT H.A.W.K. Boots

A lightweight boot that does heavy lifting More >

Semi- vs. Full Auto Weapons

Use of a fully automatic weapon requires that the user have sufficient ongoing training in order to use the weapon accurately under stressful conditions More >

No Easy Answers

Mistake-of-fact shootings can be avoided if plainclothes officers clearly identify themselves to citizens and other officers already at the scene More >

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A "Camera-Agnostic" LPR

Catch a demo of PlateSmart's unique LPR technology
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Universal Laptop Mount by Havis

The most flexible and durable universal tray available for mobile computing applications.
Watch It >

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Free Service Provides Text/Email Warnings in Severe Weather

Text alerts gave Illinois residents advance warning of a tornado.
Watch It >

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Introducing the New Havis Mobile Website

The new Havis mobile website offers a fast and easy navigation.
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Generate tactical leads with your handheld. Introducing: COPLINK Everywhere.

Use the power of COPLINK data from your handheld - on the scene.
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Intelligence-Led Policing

Learn why intelligence-led policing is an important component to any crime fighting strategy, and why putting in a feedback loop can help you and your team set up a program to monitor and patrol crime hot spots.
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The Fatal Four

Discover the four most common ways police officers die on and off duty—and why.
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Ferguson: A Lose-Lose Situation

All hell is breaking lose in Ferguson. And it is all so sad. Why? Because there are almost no winners while there are, unfortunately, plenty of losers... More >


Law Officer Survey

LEOs & Drug Policy

The results are in. More than 11,000 sworn LEOs took time out of their busy schedules to tell us what they think about America’s fast-changing drug policy.
More >


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