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The death of Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was listed as a line of duty death on September 1st and has now been ruled a suicide.

Illinois Lieutenant Death To Be Ruled a Suicide

Sources indicate that the death of Fox Lake Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz, originally thought to be a...

Toledo K9 Killed During Search

Murder suspect shot and killed Falko during a traffic stop.

Nevada Deputy Shot, Killed

Domestic battery suspect fired on Carson City deputy as he approached the home.

Deputy Sheriff Killed in Vehicle Crash

Deputy Sheriff Craig Whisenand was killed in a single vehicle crash while responding to a domesti...

Kentucky Officer Killed in Vehicle Collision

Sergeant David Gibbs was killed in a vehicle collision after his cruiser lost control on a wet ro...

Shreveport Officer Killed

Shreveport officer killed while facing an armed man inside a home.

Ex-Con Accused of Killing Police Officer Turns Self In

An ex-con accused of fatally shooting a police officer who interrupted a drug deal turned himself...

South Carolina Deputy Succumbs to Injuries

Marlboro County deputy was involves in a crash 11 days earlier.

Manhunt for Killer of Memphis Officer

Suspect murdered officer and former Marine during what would have been a misdemeanor.

Arrest in Killing of California Officer

Hayward officer was shot and killed during a 3:15 a.m. traffic stop.

California Officer Killed in Traffic Stop Shooting

Hayward sergeant was shot and killed in the early morning.

New Orleans Officer Succumbs to Injuries

Officer Brown was struck while on the scene of an auto fire.

Texas Corrections Officer Killed in Inmate Attack

Corrections officer Timothy Davison was beaten to death at a far northeast Texas prison whil...

Belfast Officers Injured in Riots

At least 10 hurt during violence between Protestants and Catholics in Twelfth of July parades.

Scranton Police Officer Succumbs to Injury

Young Patrolman fell while in a foot pursuit of three teenage robbery suspects.

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Killing New Orleans Officer

A man who police say shot and killed a New Orleans officer despite being handcuffed in the back o...

California Officer Killed in Pursuit Crash

Officers pulled Nelson out before flames engulfed the vehicle.

California Officer David Nelson Killed in Vehicle Crash

Police Officer David Nelson was killed in a vehicle crash while involved in a vehicle pursuit at ...

Texas Sergeant Korby Kennedy Killed in Motorcycle Crash

Sergeant Korby Kennedy was killed in a motorcycle crash while escorting a parade. Sergeant K...

Sergeant Christopher Kelley Killed During Traffic Stop

Sergeant Christopher Kelley was struck and killed by a subject who had just stolen a patrol car f...

Kentucky Trooper Eric Chrisman Killed in Vehicle Crash

Trooper Eric Chrisman was killed in a vehicle crash while responding to a reckless driver co...

Officer Rick Silva Passes Away During Surgery

Police Officer Rick Silva died while undergoing surgery to correct a duty related injury.

New Orleans Police Officer Killed During Transport

Suspect defeated handguns, grabbed firearm, shot officer and fled from crash scene.

Cincinnati Officer Killed in Shooting

Officer and suspect killed in Madisonville incident.

Deputy Marshal Zacarias Toro Succumbs to Cancer

Deputy U.S. Marshal Zacarias Toro died as the result of cancer that he developed following his as...

Georgia Sheriff Killed in Vehicle Crash

Sheriff Ladson O'Connor was in killed a in a vehicle crash during a pursuit of two subjects on Hi...

Videos, Photos: Attack on Dallas Police Headquarters

At least one gunman opened fire on officers before fleeing and beginning a standoff.

Man Indicted on Murder Charges in NYPD Officer's Death

Demetrius Blackwell has been indicted on first-degree murder and other charges in last month...

Canada Police Officer Shot Dead

35-year-old Const. Daniel Woodall, an eight-year veteran of the force who worked for the hate cri...

Three Arrested for Shooting Oklahoma Officer

Three suspects have been arrested in the shooting of an Oologah officer.