Man Arrested for Bomb Threat Hoax at Statue of Liberty

Federal authorities say they've arrested a man for making a hoax bomb threat to "blow up" the Statue of Liberty in April, resulting in an evacuation of Liberty Island.

California Manhunt Subject Killed in Confrontation with Deputies

18-day manhunt ends near Bakersfield may have killed himself after being shot by deputies.

St. Louis Police Fire on Armed Suspect During Home Search

An armed man fleeing from officers serving a search warrant at a home in a crime-troubled section of St. Louis was shot and killed Wednesday by police after he pointed a gun at them, the city's police chief said.

The Great Lies of Ferguson

The stores are being looted, again. The rocks and bottles are being thrown at the police, again. The shootings and fires and angry shouts are garnering headlines all over the world, again. And the irony is that all of this destruction and mayhem is built on nothing except the Great Lies of Ferguson, Mo.

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SAFEGUARD Stealth Concealable Body Armor

Chris Boyd SafeGuard utilizes DuPont Kevlar materials, the leading industry standard to protect the wearer f...

Fitness & Excuses

Curtis Pote

Wellness comes with a simple solution, but it does not come easily.

The Threat of Constitutionalists


Tips for law officers to deal with the increasingly common threat of Constitutionalists.

Improving Decision-Making Skills Now

R.K. Miller The law enforcement focus should be on critical decision-making that affects careers and families...


LaserSoft SpeedCapture App

LTI's new SpeedCapture App syncs with the TruSpeed Sxb to capture and store a vehicle image with the laser's measurement data (speed, time, date, location, etc.). Easily transfers data from a smartphone to a PC for post processing.


TruSpeed Sx

The TruSpeed Sx model offers the same ruggedized, waterproof case and features as the TruSpeed S but has the addition of a built-in tilt sensor, giving the laser the ability to measure both horizontal and vertical distance for crash scene mapping. Comes standard with a carrying case, neck strap, eyepiece cover, and 2 CR 123A Batteries.


WatchGuard DVD Hybrid In-Car Video Solution

The DVD Hybrid Solution reverses the storage approach -- you only use the high-cost server storage for events that will most likely benefit from instant access. All data remains on the original DVDs -- the safest and lowest cost long-term data storage.


WatchGuard DVD Hybrid In-Car Video Solution

The WatchGuard DV-1 Digital In-Car Video System is the revolutionary digital police in-car video system that records onto rewritable DVD-Video discs that play on regular DVD players.


Face Mic Bone Conduction Headset

The word compact has never been more true in describing this microphone. Under the bone conduction speaker, sits the bone conduction microphone. This tiny microphone picks up vibrations from the cheek bone delivering clean, crisp audio.


Nighthawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone

The NIGHTHAWK is the first and only Bluetooth Lapel Microphone that delivers full shift 12+ hour talk time, easy pairing, no connectivity loss, & fully functional PTT. The Nighthawk can be paired with Bluetooth compatible smart phones & MP3 players.

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Safety in Vehicle Pursuits

Aug 14, 2015

Understanding the need to give pursuits greater attention in training.


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Professions that deal in risk owe it to each employee to constantly evaluate the risks that pose ...

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Training: Limit Your Liability

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Public Relations & Building Trust in the Community

Building Public Confidence in Police. There is a growing perception of distrust between law enfor...

Generate tactical leads with your handheld. Introducing: COPLINK Everywhere

IBM COPLINK is designed to help law enforcement organizations solve crimes faster, keep officers ...

High-performance Law Enforcement - Technology-P...

Law enforcement agencies have made great progress in improving the safety of our communities. However, crime does persist,...

The Value of Smarter Public Safety and Security

Reducing threats, increasing efficiency, delivering prosperity Read this paper to learn how, with the right capabilities,...