Rash of Homicides Scare Baltimore Residents

36 people have been killed in Baltimore so far this month.

Michigan City Pays to Settle Excessive Force Lawsuit

Inkster officials agree to a nearly $1.4M settlement of January traffic stop incident.

Why the 'Soft' Uniform Is Dangerous

This past week, President Obama discussed the idea that law enforcement should wear “softer looking” uniforms. While there were plenty of jokes about the comment, we need to understand that the President didn’t just throw that out there for discussion.

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The Myth of "If"

Mark Sherwood

We must replace the "if" with the "when"

Community Policing: Is That Still A Thing?

Malcolm McGuire

Why we need it now more than ever

Prepare, Develop and Challenge with Law Officer

Travis Yates

Serving the LE community

Ducks in a Row

Kevin R. Davis We need to officers in use-of-force decisions, develop policy that is clear and straightforward b...


LaserSoft SpeedCapture App

LTI's new SpeedCapture App syncs with the TruSpeed Sxb to capture and store a vehicle image with the laser's measurement data (speed, time, date, location, etc.). Easily transfers data from a smartphone to a PC for post processing.


TruSpeed Sx

The TruSpeed Sx model offers the same ruggedized, waterproof case and features as the TruSpeed S but has the addition of a built-in tilt sensor, giving the laser the ability to measure both horizontal and vertical distance for crash scene mapping. Comes standard with a carrying case, neck strap, eyepiece cover, and 2 CR 123A Batteries.


WatchGuard DVD Hybrid In-Car Video Solution

The DVD Hybrid Solution reverses the storage approach -- you only use the high-cost server storage for events that will most likely benefit from instant access. All data remains on the original DVDs -- the safest and lowest cost long-term data storage.


WatchGuard DVD Hybrid In-Car Video Solution

The WatchGuard DV-1 Digital In-Car Video System is the revolutionary digital police in-car video system that records onto rewritable DVD-Video discs that play on regular DVD players.


Face Mic Bone Conduction Headset

The word compact has never been more true in describing this microphone. Under the bone conduction speaker, sits the bone conduction microphone. This tiny microphone picks up vibrations from the cheek bone delivering clean, crisp audio.


Nighthawk Bluetooth Lapel Microphone

The NIGHTHAWK is the first and only Bluetooth Lapel Microphone that delivers full shift 12+ hour talk time, easy pairing, no connectivity loss, & fully functional PTT. The Nighthawk can be paired with Bluetooth compatible smart phones & MP3 players.

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Oklahoma Officer Shot in the Head

May 29, 2015

An assault rifle and body armor was recovered from the suspect’s vehicle

Chula Vista Shooting

Fatal Standoff in Chula Vista, California

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (AP) — What began as a dispute between neighbors ended with both men dead while two children and the gunman's wife survived the all-day standoff at an apartment complex in suburban San Diego. The gunman, a 42-year-old man identified only as Michael, shot and killed his neighbor Thursday morning, and several hours later shot and killed himself, Chula Vista police Capt. Lon Turner said.

Legal Issues in Policy and Training

In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practices to evaluate your policies and training to make sure...

Training: Limit Your Liability

Are you being provided the right training and can you be held responsible and liable for training...

Public Relations & Building Trust in the Community

Building Public Confidence in Police. There is a growing perception of distrust between law enfor...

Evaluating Mobile Forensics Training & Certific...

This white paper serves as a guide to assessing training and certification programs, with an eye towards removing many of the unknowns associated with effectively obtaining, using, and testifying about mobile device evidence.