#1 Kimber SIS Pro .45 ACP


Sergeant Killed Funeral

Funeral for Hayward, CA Officer

Sergeant Scott Lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop.
Chattanooga Shooting

Funeral for Chattanooga Naval Officer

Police Sergeant Shot

Hayward, CA Officer Killed

Sergeant shot and killed during a traffic strop.
APTOPIX Movie Theater Shooting

Response to Louisiana Theater Shooting

Nine others wounded in Lafayette movie theater.
Chattanooga Shooting-Guarding Recruiters

Armed Citizens Protecting Recruiting Centers

Militia groups and armed citizens take positions to protect service members.
Chattanooga Shooting

Response to Tennessee Attacks

Authorities respond to active shooter incidents in Chattanooga.
Britain Northern Ireland Riot

Violence in Belfast

Northern Ireland celebration is usually accompanied by violence.

Military K9s Fighting Meth

Retired military K9s now join law enforcement.
LA Gun Melt

L.A. Gun Meltdown

Over 3,400 weapons and firearms melted down in annual Gun Melt.
Chicago Violence

Fourth of July Violence in Chicago

7-year old boy is among the dead during holiday violence.
Navy Yard Shooting

Reported Shooting at D.C. Navy Yard

Large response to scene of previous active shooter incident.
Britain Terror Exercise

Terror Attack Response Drill in London

Major counter-terror exercise held at former underground train station.
Police Officer Shot Cincinnati

Funeral for Cincinnati Officer

Police say the 27-year veteran was killed June 19 by an armed suspect who had made 911 calls and was seeking "suicide by cop."
Charleston Shooting

Funeral for Charleston Victims

Funeral services commence for Sen. Clementa Pinckney and Ethel Lance, two of nine people killed in a massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.
Escaped Prisoners

Escaped NY Prisoners

The search for two escaped killers continues through dense woods near the prison.