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St Louis Police Shooting

Riots in St. Louis After Police Shooting

Deputy Killed-Carson City

Nevada Deputy Shot, Killed

Suspect fired on Carson City deputy as he approached.
Memphis-Officer Killed-Funeral

Funeral for Memphis Officer

Services held for Memphis Police officer Sean Bolton.
Watts Riot

Watts Riots Anniversary

50 years ago a traffic stop erupted into violence and riots.

State of Emergency in Ferguson

A state of emergency was declared in Missouri over the weekend as activists protested on the anniversary of Michael Brown's death.
CORRECTION Theater Shooting-Tennessee

Response to Gunman in Tennessee Theater

Armed man fired on officer inside Antioch theater.
Officer Dies Robbery

Funeral for Scranton Officer

Officer John Wilding died while chasing two suspects.
Sergeant Killed Funeral

Funeral for Hayward, CA Officer

Sergeant Scott Lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop.
Chattanooga Shooting

Funeral for Chattanooga Naval Officer

Police Sergeant Shot

Hayward, CA Officer Killed

Sergeant shot and killed during a traffic strop.
Movie Theater Shooting

Response to Louisiana Theater Shooting

Nine others wounded in Lafayette movie theater.
Chattanooga Shooting-Guarding Recruiters

Armed Citizens Protecting Recruiting Centers

Militia groups and armed citizens take positions to protect service members.
Chattanooga Shooting

Response to Tennessee Attacks

Authorities respond to active shooter incidents in Chattanooga.
Britain Northern Ireland Riot

Violence in Belfast

Northern Ireland celebration is usually accompanied by violence.

Military K9s Fighting Meth

Retired military K9s now join law enforcement.