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Aug 2011
Volume 7, Issue 8
  • September 11

    • When Less Is More

      There’s not a single U.S. law enforcement agency that doesn’t provide its officers with at least one less-lethal force option. Most agencies issue or allow a variety of less-lethal tools. However, equipment is only half of the equation. Training is the other essential part. This article will address equipment and training issues related to the use of common less-lethal law enforcement tools. I’ll also explore the importance of conducting safe and meaningful training.

    • Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

      We’ve all said it before: It seems impossible that a decade has passed since the 9/11 attacks. For law enforcement, it’s not enough to remember that day passively. We must consider how our world and our profession have changed. How will we react when terrorists try again? What should we be doing differently today? And what about domestic terrorism and its threat to the country?

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    • Mission Critical

      While the events of 9/11 made it abundantly clear that American citizens were the target of international terrorism that day, we are also reminded daily of local threats to our communities. Active shooter incidents, natural disasters, hazardous materials spills and industrial accidents all pose significant threats to local communities. The ability to protect, prevent and respond to these threats remain public safety’s primary mission in safeguarding the public.

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    • The Tip of the Spear

      As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, a lot of attention will be focused on remembering what occurred and those we lost. That’s certainly important. But we at Law Officer feel this issue should be more than a reminiscence about what happened. Instead, we must honor our fallen by learning from the tragedy and improving our capability. We must equip our profession to both prevent another 9/11 and prevail in the event that the unthinkable occurs.  

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    • Hog Wild: Honoring Team Romeo

      After the Twin Towers collapsed, a group of retired police officers, known as Team Romeo, spent months working around the clock to aid in the recovery efforts. This year, 10 years after the 9/11 attacks, hundreds of officers from all over New York and New Jersey will gather at a fundraiser to honor the men of Team Romeo and to pay tribute to the 37 Port Authority officers and hundreds of other first responders who lost their lives as a result of that attack.

    • You OK?

      “Are you OK?” In one form or another, it’s a question we frequently pose in police work. There are different applications for it, each with its own response. Sometimes the reply is genuine. On other occasions, it’s a method of deflecting concern. Over the years, I’ve been asked this question a number of times under a variety of circumstances.

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    • A Debt Owed

      World-changing events are remembered by where we were and what we were doing when we first heard the news. I was in grade school in Chicago when the crossing guard said that President Kennedy had been shot, and in high school when Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were struck down by an assassin’s bullets. I can immediately put myself in that time and place, with the details clear in my mind. 

    • In the Balance

      The good people over at Law Officer came up with a great idea. They posed a question on the Law Officer Facebook page asking fans what they wanted to see Ol’ Bullethead run my mouth about. I was impressed by the number and quality of the responses. I’ll absolutely be going back to that idea well. 

  • Technology And Communications

    • Tech Round-Up: Tucson, Ariz.

      Mobility is a big deal these days. Just look at the profusion of PDAs, including smartphones and tablets. We’re computing on the go more than ever. The power of computing is no longer tied to the desk.

      But you’re a motor officer. You work the dusty, often hot streets of Tucson, Ariz. You’ve lost hundreds of officers in recent years due to budget cuts. What do you do?

    • Gimme Five

      In-car video has truly been one of the game-changers in law enforcement. In many parts of the country, the units are more common than in-car computers. The technology has improved immensely over the past decade and many agencies are seeking to upgrade. For those who don’t already have in-car video, the combination of decreasing prices and increasing capabilities is proving very tempting. This is an area where you have to get it right or you will waste a lot of money and frustrate your personnel. Do your homework.

    • The Third Degree: Bio-based Weapon Cleaner

      Over the past 22 years in law enforcement, it’s been my observation that most cops don’t like cleaning guns, even the ones who really like shooting. Given this, I’m always looking for new products that make gun cleaning less time consuming and messy. After all, less time cleaning guns translates into more time shooting them! With that in mind, I’m also leery of any “wonder product” that claims to do all the work without any effort on the part of the user.

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  • Industry News

    • K9 Accessories

      Handlers and their partners deserve the best gear and accessories to keep them safe and ready for the job. Whether it’s efficient K9 transportation devices, effective K9 training, durable kennels, protective devices or flexible training suits, companies are making sure to produce products that meet the needs of you and your K9 partner. Here are the latest K9-specific products and accessories.

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    • August More Gear

      Explosion-Proof LED Flashlight

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    • Training Gear

      Realistic training is a necessary part of every officer’s job and so is having the appropriate gear that can enhance your tactical skills, as well as increase your safety. Training products such as simulators, shields, targets, protective gear and inert weapons can help prepare you for the field so that you can go home at the end of your shift.

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  • Vehicle Ops

    • Head of the Class

      They say that in life your path intersects with so called “defining moments”—times where something, or someone, is introduced into your world that alters the shape of your future from that point forward. For me, I owe the last 20-plus years of law enforcement EVOC driver training to one man: Lt. John Leas (Ret.) of the San Diego Police Department. 

  • Investigation

    • Consent through Deception

      Without question, the false shouting of “Bomb!” on a commercial airline has taken on new meaning since 9/11. However, that fateful day wasn’t the impetus for making it unlawful to do so. Indeed, it’s been prohibited for some time,1 just as it’s unlawful to falsely shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater.2

  • Training

    • Top Tips from Experts

      Every spring I make the pilgrimage to North Chicago for the annual International Law Enforcement Education and Training Association (ILEETA) conference. It’s an opportunity to network and listen to the world’s leading experts on all things related to law enforcement trends, training and equipment. Much of the information exchange occurs in the hallways, hotel rooms, restaurants and even in the parking lot as two or more authorities on a subject cross paths and exchange ideas.

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  • Brian Mckenna

    • Officer Down: The Legacy of Lakewood

      The four Lakewood officers drifted into the coffee shop one at a time. The day had started out poorly when, at the beginning of the shift, most of the squad’s six officers had gotten into a brawl with an emotionally disturbed subject. Although no one had been seriously hurt, it was still a lousy way to begin a Sunday morning. After checking the subject into the hospital, the officers decided it was time for a coffee break.

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Officers Arrest Armed Woman After 22-Hour Standoff

Authorities have arrested an armed woman who had barricaded herself at a Southern California mobile home park for most of a day and shot at a police robot.

Arrest in D.C. Quadruple Homicide

Suspect in killing of three adults and child is arrested based on DNA analysis.

No Indictment for Texas City Officer in Fatal Shooting

A Southeast Texas police officer will not face charges in the 2014 fatal shooting of an armed man during a fight outside a bar.

Hundreds Protest Police Shooting in Washington

Hundreds of people marched peacefully in Washington state's capital city to protest a police shooting that wounded two unarmed stepbrothers suspected of tryi...

Gone in an Instant

Search and rescue efforts for missing children with autism

Houston Officer Found Dead Inside Car

Veteran officer found in car with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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