Optotraffic Launches the Next Generation in Automated Speed Enforcement

Lanham, Md. - The newest generation in automated speed enforcement is now operating in New Carrollton, Maryland. Deployed within a school zone, Optotraffic’s "Silver Hawk" is providing bi-directional, lane specific enforcement from an unobtrusive site next to a busy roadway.

"I’m happy to report that we now have a ‘Silver Hawk’ watching over our school kids," said New Carrollton Police Chief David Rice.  "We already know that it is slowing traffic around the school.  Having the first deployment of the ‘Hawk’ is greatly appreciated by the community." 

Optotraffic, the USA’s leading full service provider in the Automated Traffic Enforcement industry, is now offering local law enforcement the only fully integrated and portable unit. Called the DLS-10(C) Silver Hawk©, the unit is ideally suited for multi-lane, high traffic routes where manned speeding enforcement is most challenging.

The durable aluminum housing contains all the critical enforcement components including, patented "Above the Road" LIDAR speed sensors, command and control computers, high resolution digital imaging and data storage devices and wireless communication links. A simple support bracket design attaches the unit to a typical street light pole enabling (re) deployment within 24 hours.

Editor’s Note: For publication quality photographs of the Silver Hawk, please send an email to media@optotraffic.com

About Optotraffic

Optotraffic, LLC is the USA’s leading full service provider in the Automated Traffic Enforcement industry.  The firm designs and builds its patented LIDAR sensors, producing superior accuracy and reliability for vehicle speed measurements. Advanced digital imaging, wireless data transmission, infrared illumination, portability and unmanned operation are featured in all our enforcement systems. Optotraffic also offers a complete spectrum of traffic enforcement services including; citation processing, call centers, court docket preparation, web based reporting and law enforcement officer training.  Visit www.optotraffic.com for more information.