This Is What Cops Do

From the moment the bombs went off in Boston, law enforcement engaged. Before the smoke had cleared at one of the world’s largest sporting events, thousands of runners were safely diverted from the area as the finish line was transitioned into a triaged treatment area and active crime scene.

Simultaneously, an expansive net was cast for any potential evidence, especially imagery. Using every available resource and exploring every investigative possibility, photos of the suspects were acquired and suspects identified. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this incident has been the fluidity of the entire operation, particularly as different agencies became involved and different facets of the operation unfolded. Tactical, EOD, investigative and intelligence functions worked in a manner that showed the entire world that American law enforcement truly has its act together. Perhaps just as importantly, it demonstrated that there's no safe harbor for those terrorists who target Americans.

Sadly, we lost a brother officer. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer Sean Collier, 26, was murdered by the bombers. He was found in his vehicle after a report of shots fired on campus.

As I write this, one of the bombers is dead and the net is closing around the other. I have complete confidence that he will be captured or killed and only hope and pray that this occurs without any further loss of life. Say a prayer for our LE brethren in the Boston area. They’ve done well and deserve our support in whatever way we can give it.  


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