Boston Police: Captured!!!

The week began with the terrible news of a bombing at one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Massachusetts law enforcement engaged before the smoke had even cleared. Using every available resource and exploring every investigative possibility, suspect photos were acquired and ultimately released to the media with a request for the public’s help.

LawOfficer Boston Marathon Bombing Coverage

MIT Officer Killed by Boston Bombing Suspects

During the next 27 hours, an incredible series of events unfolded. The bombers assassinated MIT Officer Sean Collier at Massachusetts in his patrol car, robbed a convenience store and hijacked a vehicle. Responding units spotted the vehicle and gave chase. More than 200 rounds were fired and explosives were thrown at the officers. One of the bombers was killed and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Officer Richard Donahue was critically wounded. Ironically, Donahue and Collier were academy classmates.

What began on Monday ended with the capture of the second bomber in Watertown on Friday evening. What an incredible week! The most impressive aspect of this incident has been the fluidity of the entire operation, particularly as different agencies became involved and different facets of the operation unfolded. Tactical, EOD, investigative and intelligence functions worked tirelessly and professionally.

The Massachusetts law enforcement agencies deserve nothing but the highest praise. They have demonstrated to the world that American law enforcement can get the job done and there is no safe haven for terrorists who target Americans. Sadly, we lost a brother officer, Sean Collier and another officer, Richard Donahue is in critical condition. Please, before you go to bed tonight, say a prayer for the Collier family and for the recovery of Officer Donahue.


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