What Not to Miss at SHOT Show

<p>Stag&rsquo;s Model 8T. (Photo Stag Arms)</p>

Most firearms companies keep the new items they’ll unveil at the SHOT Show under wraps until the show actually begins – and for good reason: They want you to show up at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Jan. 15-18!

Although few companies were willing to talk about new items before the show, I managed to find out a little info about some new firearms and accessories that will grace the showroom floor. I plan on checking out the following while I’m there:

Glock: Glock representatives couldn’t be real specific, but stated there will be some more models that will receive the Gen4 engineering, which essentially updates the recoil system, trigger mechanism and offers interchangeable back straps. These new models will be available for media representatives to shoot on Media Day Monday before SHOT begins. It’s safe to say the models will be particularly suited for off-duty or undercover use (e.g., subcompacts).

Stag Arms: Stag will highlight its latest entry into the gas piston AR market where much of buyer interest currently lies. Piston guns run cleaner and cooler since the dirty gases created by firing the gun do not end up on the bolt face. Stag’s Model 8T and 8TL (cut for left hand use/ejection) make use of Diamondhead Tactical hand guards and sights making it very appealing to the law enforcement community. Diamondhead sights are quick and easy to use as all they require is to place the front diamond (surrounding the front sight post) into the rear diamond sight aperture for quick and accurate alignment. The Diamondhead hand guards are trim and offer finger grooves for positive grip even in inclement weather.

Smith & Wesson: Many in the law enforcement community are calling the Smith & Wesson M & P Shield the “Detective Special” of the new generation. A direct reference to the famous snub-nosed .38 revolver, the Shield is a palm-sized pistol. It’s chambered in both 9 mm (7 + 1 rounds) and .40 S & W (6 + 1 rounds). Being a striker-fired design, the Shield has an easy-to-manipulate trigger with a short reset. The Shield is similar in size to the famed snub .38 while offering a longer sight radius, barrel, better sights and more on target power. The M & P Shield has set the standard for police concealment and off-duty guns. 

Safariland: Although it’s not a firearm, the interest in handguns with quick access mini-red dot sights is growing rapidly -- so rapidly, in fact, that some of the major holster manufacturers will be introducing a duty holster for these specially equipped firearms. Safariland will be introducing the Model 6354DO for popular guns equipped with red dots such as the J.P. Enterprises J Point, Trijicon RMR and the Leupold Delta point. During a gunfight, it’s difficult to take your eyes off the person who’s trying to kill you and the introduction of quick reference red dots have given officers another tool to use to prevail.

For more information about the SHOT Show, click here. For information about the Law Enforcement Education Program being offered at SHOT, click here.


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