Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, SC, Selects Zuercher Technologies to Provide New Public Safety Software

Sioux Falls, SD - After a lengthy review of vendors and proposals, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has selected ledsSuite by Zuercher Technologies as their new jail management and records management software.

Previously, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office was using several disparate software applications to input and manage incidents, arrests, civil papers and jail inmate information. Many of the applications were unable to transfer data to others, and the applications were hard to use. One of the software companies had also recently been acquired and the support of the products they provided was in question.

With the ledsSuite solution, key data will be entered into one, central system with a graphical user interface that is much easier to use. Many redundant processes will be eliminated, and information can be retrieved faster because it will be easier to access than before. Information collection, some of which had to be done via pen and paper before, will also be managed in ledsSuite.

Zuercher Technologies also ensures long-term support and maintenance, which was important to Cherokee County after experiencing instability with their previous vendor.

“We knew it was time to update and upgrade our current software for the Sheriff’s Office and the jail,” said Sheriff Steve Mueller. “The question became what vendor could meet our current needs, as well as keep up with changes in the future. We were introduced to Zuercher Technologies and were able to get the solution we wanted for a price well within our budget.”

“The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office will be our first customer in South Carolina”, stated David Jones, Director of Business Development for Zuercher Technologies. “We are honored that they have placed their confidence in our company and our products. We are looking forward to a great, long-term partnership with their agency.”

About Zuercher Technologies, LLC
Zuercher Technologies, LLC provides best of breed public safety software solutions to agencies across the U.S. under its flagship product, ledsSuite©, encompassing Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mapping, Criminal Investigations, Crime Analysis, Jail, Civil, Financial, Records, Public Administration, and Mobile CAD and Records. Founded in 2003, Zuercher Technologies is based in Sioux Falls, SD. Information about Zuercher Technologies’ products and services can be found at


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