Social Media Quick Tip: Keep Your Twitter Account from Being Compromised


If you use Twitter, chances are you’ve received direct messages from accounts you follow with a message similar to: “I can’t believe it’s you in this photo” or “There’s a really bad blog post about you.” And each is accompanied by a link.

Whatever you do, don’t click the link.

If you know the person sending the message, or even if you don’t, it’s not a bad idea to let them know it’s happening because their Twitter account has been compromised. Previously, they too received such a message and clicked the link, allowing a malicious third party application access to their account.

If it happens to you, hopefully someone will let you know. But to be safe, here’s how to make sure no undesirable script has accessed your account. Log in to your Twitter account and in the upper right corner, at the pull-down menu which is labeled with your username, select “settings.” Next, select the “applications” tab. Review all the applications for which you’ve granted access to your account, and remove any that you don’t use and trust.

Do this regularly to keep your Twitter account from unwanted applications.


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