Two Philly Men Accidentally Lock Themselves in Police Van

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Two wasted South Jersey guys who broke into a Radnor constable's van over the weekend to take photos of themselves pretending to get arrested really did get arrested when they accidentally locked themselves inside and smoked cigarettes and spat saliva to pass the time, police said.

When an inebriated friend arrived to rescue them, he, too, was confounded by the vehicle's lock system and called 9-1-1 for help, ensuring that the men would not only get out of the locked vehicle, but also that they'd get locked right back up.

"It was un-freaking-believable," said Radnor Constable Mike Connor, whose van the men allegedly burglarized.

Radnor police said that Ryan Letchford, 21, and Jeffrey Olsen, 22, both of Marlton, N.J., were attending a party at a condominium in Radnor Friday night into early Saturday morning when they wandered down to the parking lot and entered Connor's van.

Because the van showed no signs of a break-in, Connor said, he must have left the side door unlocked.

Radnor police said that the men apparently were trying to take goofy pictures of themselves pretending to be arrested, when they somehow got locked inside the van.

While stuck inside, Letchford and Olsen tried to kick through the metal cage that separates the rear of the vehicle from the driver's compartment, police said.

When the men didn't return to the party, a friend went to look for them and found them in Connor's van, police said. When he wasn't able to open the door either, he called police at 3:57 a.m.

Authorities, in turn, awoke Connor.

"I came down and unlocked the doors, and 'Dumb and Dumber' pranced out of the van," Connor said. "They looked a little embarrassed."

Inside the van, officers found cigarette butts and "a large amount of saliva," police said. It's unclear why the men apparently were spitting in the van.

Both were charged with attempted theft of a motor vehicle, public drunkenness and criminal mischief, police said.


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