14 Tales from the Thanksgiving Shift

Once upon a Thanksgiving, an officer showed up to a domestic disturbance call to find a family in the midst of a food fight ...
Have you ever showed up to a domestic disturbance call on Thanksgiving Day to find a family in the midst of a food fight? If the answer is “yes,” you’re not alone.
We asked the Law Officer Facebook community to share its favorite shift-related Turkey Day stories, and we were shocked to find out just how many food fights and turkey “assault” incidents these officers have seen. We encourage you to check out all of these stories—some are funny and others are a bit more sobering.
Everyone at Law Officer wishes you a happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe out there this holiday week. 
Misty said: I took a domestic call my very first Thanksgiving out of training. There was a huge argument, and the male took the turkey in the backyard and buried it because he was mad at his wife.
Karol said: My first Thanksgiving shift was on mids (2100-0700). The streets were quiet, and I was bored, so I pulled up to a strip mall and was doing patrol checks on the buildings and doors when I heard an engine rev and a car speeding. I came around the building just in time to see a car drive straight into a telephone pole. The whole front end was taken out and steam was rising from the engine as I rushed to the car. The driver stumbled out unhurt and asked me where the car went that hit him, demanding I find the driver!
Ted says: I was asked to dinner two Thanksgivings ago—only if I did not give the lawbreaker a ticket! You all know I gave him a warning and declined the offer!
Billy says: 415 family turkey fight.
Totianna said: I went into labor and my water broke in the control room with a new trainee. About 10 hours later, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl who will be turning 6 this Thanksgiving Day.
Tom said: Family disturbance on Thanksgiving Day: Upon arrival, I found six people physically assaulting each other. Cranberry sauce was on the wall, mashed potatoes were on the ceiling fan, and the turkey was thrown across the room. The reason given: There wasn’t enough alcohol or dark meat available.
India says: I had a drunk guy go through a Burger King drive-thru and was mad that no one would serve him. The manager happened to be there for the money drop and called the police. He started a "circle" pursuit before he was finally stopped. It was funny and broke up the shift.
Candice says: A couple of Thanksgivings back, I had a drunk guy dressed as a turkey running down Main Street, screaming at the top of his lungs that the aliens were coming and they wanted turkey, and he wanted the cops to protect him. It was too funny!
Richard says: This isn’t funny but might be noteworthy to young officers. One Thanksgiving afternoon I received a suicide call to a townhouse in the city. A man, about 50, had gotten up from the dining room table, walked into the living room and, after about 15 minutes, shot himself. If you’re faced with this type of call, always ensure you have a couple of officers with you on the call, be professional and, above all, keep family members informed of what procedures law enforcement have to follow and the people who are an active part of the investigation who will be called into their home. Although no amount of words will probably comfort those in an obvious traumatic event, being professional, compassionate and informative will go a long way in helping to ease their grief.
William said: I was investigating a hunting related trespass where a landowner—someone new in the area—was having a local man arrested for trespassing right through his horse paddock! As I was issuing the ticket, the violator got in the face of the landowner and said, "You people move up here out of the city, buy a piece of property and think you own it." My response was simple, "As a matter of fact he does."
Andrew said: As I sat relaxing to a quiet radio, I observed a man driving about 10 mph cream five cars with the passenger side of his vehicle directly in front of me, circle the block (as if to return to the scene) and then keep driving. After making contact with the driver, he claimed he only hit a metal trashcan, which was why it was so loud. To answer the question you now have: Yes, he was DUI and was taken in. 
John said: It’s not really funny or Thanksgiving-specific, but I swear every holiday I hear the same line at least once during my shift: "It's not ______ (insert holiday) until ______ (insert relative—uncle, aunt, whomever comes to mind) goes to jail."
David said: Several years ago, my partner and I were walking up to a house to handle a domestic dispute. As we were walking up to the door, a fully cooked turkey flew out of the window and clocked my partner in the head. After I helped him up and we handled the call, I couldn't stop laughing about the ADW with a turkey for the rest of the night.
Michael said: Once when I was working on Thanksgiving, some people were cutting down a huge tree down. Instead of cutting the branches off, they cut the whole tree down. It fell in the road and took down the power lines with it. It was cold out and the sun was going down. A quarter of the town was out of power, and I had to work overtime because of it. Wait until you hear Christmas story!
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