Insane Killer Caught in Goldendale, Washington

phillip-arnold-paul-373 Editor's Note:There is nothing scarier to the public than an insane killer on the loose. But that is just what happened in Washington state during the last few days. Phillip Paul walked away from a group that had been allowed to go to the county fair. Paul had been found insane after killing an elderly woman in 1987. Fortunately, an intense and effective manhunt by law officers in the area resulted in his capture. Ironically, the same deputy who had arrested him after a 1991 escape attempt also brought this escape to an end. Spokane County Deputy Roger Knight gets credit for the capture. Well done.

-Dale Stockton, Editor in Chief


Associated Press Writer

SEATTLE An insane killer who slipped away from the staff of a mental institution at the Spokane County International Fair has been recaptured without injury in the in Goldendale in south-central Washington.

Spokane County sheriff's Capt. Dave Reagan says 47-year-old Phillip Arnold Paul was nabbed by Deputy Roger Knight the same deputy who arrested Paul and was injured by him after an escape in 1991.

Reagan says Paul was trying to elude a search helicopter and walked to a road to try to hitch a ride just as Knight arrived at the scene.


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