The War on Trauma


Terrorism, whether it originates domestically or outside our borders, produces the very real threat of school shootings and other mass-casualty incidents that are in many ways similar to combat. EMS systems must be prepared to respond to such incidents with the right tactics and the right tools many of which were developed on the frontlines of the War on Terror.

This supplement, which is sponsored byNorth American Rescue, Inc.,presents proven concepts, techniques and products from military trauma care that have immediate application to civilian EMS.

Supplement Content

Forward Thinking Required

A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P

Terror in America's Schools

John Giduck

The Origins of EMS in Military Medicine

Daved van Stralen, MD

From the Battlefield to Our Streets

Jeffrey S. Cain, MD

Appropriate Prehospital Tourniquet Use

Jeffrey S. Cain, MD

Optimal Tourniquet Engineering Features

Jeffrey S. Cain, MD

Tourniquet First!

Peter P. Taillac, MD, FACEP, & Gerard S. Doyle, MD, MPH

The Stress Paradox

Bruce K. Siddle


Where's the Money?

The directors of, and telecommunicators who work in, public safety communications centers don’t think of the PSAP as a business. Neither do the members...

Studies in Success

Public safety communications agencies hoping to upgrade equipment or hire more personnel have for years sought needed funds with grants or financial assistan...

Make Your Case

How do we get money from the government for our important projects? Speaking as both a grant reviewer and as someone who has written many a grant application...

Tourniquet First!

Few issues in the long and colorful history of medicine have generated as much controversy and confusion as the use of tourniquets to arrest severe extremity...

The Stress Paradox

A trauma surgeon was recently involved in a case where stress affected his ability to perform a tracheotomy. The case involved a tactical team officer, who w...

Forward Thinking REQUIRED

You check your rig and prepare for another shift full of chest pain and dyspnea calls. But what you don’t know is that terrorists have walked unabated ...