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Sgt. Charles E. Humes Jr. | Thursday, February 23, 2012

While cleaning out one of my file cabinets last week, I discovered a copy of the magazine that published my very first training article. It was the November 1983 issue of Police Product News. I was shocked at how aged the pages looked and felt. After adding up the years (which took longer than I expected) I thought about it, and if you’ll pardon the expression: holy crap! I’ll be entering my fourth decade of instructing and writing training articles very shortly. However, what it really means is I have well over three decades of experience as a student of combative arts. I've been a student much longer than I've been a trainer.
Whether you’re a trainer or a street officer, when it comes to training, you have two choices. One, you can do nothing and let your agency decide what training you attend, thus allowing others to control and limit your knowledge base, as you voluntarily condone your descent into the abyss of training incest, or, two, you can take control of your professional education and seek out the trainers and training that you want. Yep. You’ll end up paying for it. However, only you can put a price on your life and success. I’ve asked myself this question continuously:  “If I don’t go out and learn what others are teaching, how can I possibly know if what I'm teaching and/or doing really are the best methods?”

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Sgt. Charles E. Humes Jr.Sgt. Charles E. Humes Jr. is recognized internationally as one of the pioneers of modern, realistic police defensive tactics training.


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