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8 Tips for Safely Deploying Tire-Deflation Devices

Unplanned deployment is likely to go badly & could result in serious injury or death



Dale Stockton | Thursday, October 13, 2011


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Dane County (Wis.) Sheriff's Deputy Struck While Deploying a TDD

It took the deputy more than two years to get back to duty.
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If you're going to deploy a TDD, keep these important points in mind:

1. Get out of the road and out of the danger zone! The common denominator with virtually all deaths associated with TDD deployment is this: The officer was standing on or near the roadway.

2. Have a plan and a barricade: An off-the-road patrol car is the absolute minimum you should even consider and even that is of minimal benefit against a high-speed vehicle. Get behind a bridge abutment, guard rail, very large tree, etc.

3. Time is the critical element: You must have enough time to set up properly, deploy and then get to a position of cover and safety. If you run out of time, abort the effort. A last minute, unplanned deployment is likely to go badly and could result in your death.

4. Misjudging the speed and distance of the approaching car can be deadly: A vehicle going 75 mph is traveling 110 feet per second. A 100 mph car is covering the distance of a football field in two seconds.

5. Do not assume that the vehicle will continue in a straight line: Many bad guys panic and swerve at the last minute when they see the spikes on the road. An out of control car is just as deadly as a bullet.

6. Practice, practice, practice, and do it before you have to do it for real: Understand how the device works, how much distance and reaction time is needed. DO NOT simply watch a manufacturer video and consider yourself trained.

7. Use extra caution when considering nighttime deployment: The ability to judge speed and distance of a vehicle at night is dramatically less.  

8. Finally, remember that no pursuit is worth your life: When it comes to TDD deployment, if in doubt DON’T! You’ll have another opportunity to get the guy. That’s just how it works in the world of policing. 


Dane County (Wis.) Sheriff's Deputy Struck While Deploying a TDD

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Dale StocktonThe editor of Law Officer Magazine, Dale Stockton is a 32-year-veteran of law enforcement.


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