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Owning the Night

On patrol with Flir’s H-Series thermal imaging



Nick Selby and Dave Henderson |
See FLIR Systems, Inc, in Product Connect From the October 2011 Issue Friday, October 14, 2011

Dave and I were sampling LE products throughout the summer, and one of the coolest things we’ve looked at so far is the Flir H-Series thermal imaging camera. The camera provides a 320-×-240 thermal imaging core and gives you the option to record. It’s about the size of a 90s-era video camcorder, so I wouldn’t want to go running and gunning with it in my hand. But the product allows you to see through foliage and camouflage, like the woods, in total darkness, as well as through smoke and dust. In Texas, especially this year, those last two are deal-breakers for night-vision devices.


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Nick Selby and Dave HendersonNick Selby and Dave Henderson serve at a Texas agency and run CSGAnalysis.com and policeledintelligence.com. In 2005, Selby founded the enterprise security practice at industry analyst firm The 451 Group, where he served as VP of Research Operations. He was sworn as a police officer in 2010. Henderson is a police sergeant with 15 years of law enforcement experience, who has served as detective, warrant officer, motor officer and law enforcement instructor.


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