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Training Equipment & Simulators

See IES Interactive Training, Ring's Manufacturing Inc., SKIDCAR System Inc., in Product Connect From the May 2012 Issue Thursday, May 10, 2012

Training Equipment & Simulators

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Mobile Driving Training Program

Skidcar’s Mobile Driving Training Program is designed for small, rural or any size departments that lacks the budget or space to sustain a full-time driver training program. It also introduces drivers to electronic stability control (ESC) systems, and focuses on three tenets: use of vision and thought process, overuse and misuse of steering and proper use of braking. Skidcar provides all the necessary equipment, including a Skidscar System, a vehicle and curriculum taught by a certified instructor. Behind-the-wheel instruction is conducted in a Jeep (2WD and 4WD), with the option to activate or deactivate ESC and ABS as needed. If your department has an existing driver training program, your current instructors can incorporate Skidcar into your curriculum, or a custom program can be designed to meet your needs. Skidcar System Inc.

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Virtual Training with MS Kinect

The MILO Range now features Microsoft Kinect options for a variety of realistic training objectives. The system can now detect and respond to a variety of trainee verbal and non-verbal actions, including baton swings; punches, strikes and kicks; defensive and offensive movements and positions; customized poses and gestures; tactical movement and positions; and speech and verbal commands. MILO Range with Microsoft Kinect provides real-time adjustments to the scenario based on trainee movement and position. This interactive, motion-based feature provides tactical training including corner clearing, defensive tactics and cover, as well as CQM and CQB exercises. The Microsoft Kinect is a free software upgrade to existing MILO 4 customers. IES Interactive Training

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Use-of-Force Simulator

Real-World Training Solutions’ high-quality, portable use-of-force and firearms training simulator features situational scenarios and role-playing videos for training on all aspects of a call (command presence, use of force, shoot/no shoot, tactics, judgment and decision making, communication skills, lethal vs. less-lethal options, etc.), as well as basic, intermediate and advanced marksmanship and skill drills (moving and non-moving targets, and the ability to create your own course of fire). The simulator is a laptop-based training system that uses a high-definition projector to project a video scenario on a 7-x-12 ft. screen. Officers use modified weapons to interact with the screen and scenarios can have different outcomes depending on the actions of the officers or specific training needs. Real-World Training Solutions, LLC

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