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The Third Degree: Seeing Evidence in a New Light

Bayco & FoxFury offer affordable forensic lights in rugged, convenient packages



Paul R. Laska |
See Bayco Products Inc., in Product Connect From the November 2011 Issue Thursday, November 3, 2011

The economy has been a stressor at all levels of law enforcement. The good news: Technological advances are offsetting some of the fiscal challenges. When the first forensic lasers appeared in the mid-1980s, they weighed 100 lbs. or more, illuminated half of a square-inch at a time and cost $50,000 and up. Since then, research and new technology have joined to introduce high-end, tunable forensic light sources, powerful handheld single-wavelength units, and most recently, and importantly, highly affordable LED units.


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Paul R. LaskaPaul R. Laska is a former sheriff turned consultant, instructor for a number of programs and writer.


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